Raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, DJ and producer Michael Nunes was brought up on a diet of funk and soul music; artists such as Cameo, Isaac Hayes, Taana Gardner, Prince, Bobby Womack and Millie Jackson have been food for thought and inspiration throughout his years.

His dazzling blend of old school and fresh styles is a natural outcome of Michael’s long-standing fascination with house music and disco, fusing new trends with underground deep house, alternating joyful tropical swing to darker tech beats, crossing from powerful vocal-based samples to melodic instrumental pieces.

I Am What I Am was Michael's very first hosted rave, being not a mere party but a statement on who he is and what he does best.

Michael's debut as a DJ was at the UNK party in 2007. Ever since, he's been rocking the local dance scene with honor: LittleSexMachine, resident at Katapult, Galore, On Schedule, Sale, Fresh BPM, PonyClub, Mysteryland and Magnet Festival to name a few.

In 2009, Michael Nunes saw his international accomplishments, first at New York Club in Paris, and later on with superb sets in Israel and at the Killekill, hosted by the Berghain Cantine in Berlin.

Michael has also been quite busy producing for a while and after a long time of searching for his very own sound signature, the first release Odyssee EP (Manual Music) hit the distribution in late May 2016, a record which is all about Michael’s exquisite touch and his personal take on the classiest kind of electronic music.

The title track is an ecstatic experience in itself, starting softly with a well defined rhythmic structure, warm layers of pads and bright piano hits, and later solidly building up on a catchy arpeggio and a strong bass sequence, sustained by a deeper four- on-four pulsing drum line.

The exotic flavor of the first track flows into Montego Bay, impeccably constructed around and on an unconventional melodic complexity, yet it is a pleasant blend of classic dance standard and futuristic lounge music.

Breakdown, is a sophisticated, purely club oriented, piece of work, smartly reprising the 4/4 elements of the first track but stripped down to the essential minimalism of house.

On August 1st 2016, Michael Nunes marked his Piston Recording debut with a stunning second release, another three track EP titled Journey. Backed up by a video directed and shot in Amsterdam by Pim te Poel (Picture in Motion) the deep house groove of Journey takes off with a warm chord progression, and builds on a sub-bass and kicks pattern.

Contagious hooks and deep grooving sessions make this track a true journey throughout its extended duration.
 Sweet Avenue is based around a tight upbeat bass with looped rhythms delivered by high hats and punchy kicks. The groove is dictated by multilayered piped synths and keys and completes this classy composition with a strictly dancefloor oriented flavor, all coming elegantly embellished by Simon Kelaita’s sax addition.

The final song, Stay Away From The Fake, is a genuine deep house/urban groover from its beginning to the end. A tight drum section carries a smart combination of bass line and multilayered, quite unusual effects.

An enviable career as a local and international DJ, Michael is now busy working on new material and surely much more is expected to hit the surface from him on the production front. He is undoubtedly well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

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